King of Kings Vision Statement

In dependence upon god’s wisdom and power, we are providing the greater Amsterdam south-east area with an English speaking spiritual renewal. 

The ministry is submitting itself completely to the Lordship of Christ, requiring the active participation of every member, committing itself to being biblically focused, and is seeking to please God in everything that is done. 

We are a church reaching a growing number of people, attracting those of every spiritual condition, bringing each person to spiritual maturity, and sending people world-wide to further god’s Kingdom.

Specifically-as we discern God’s future for King of Kings, this is what we see:

  1. A worship experience that exalts God… so that we are properly responding to Him:
    • An experience that is contemporary, yet traditional;
    • Dynamic;
    • Ministers to diverse spiritual needs;
    • Motivates personal and family devotion.
  2. Learning experiences that equip people… so that we are enabled to effectively serve God:
    • Experiences that are challenging;
    • Relevant
    • Purposeful;
  3. A caring fellowship that loves people… so that others know we are Christ’s disciples:
    • A fellowship that offers compassionate help for people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs;
    • Warmly welcomes and befriends new people;
    • Actively supports each other in prayer;
    • Helps people build strong relationships;
    • Encourages mutual accountability and support;
    • Enhances the discovery and use of spiritual gifts;
    • Brings lasting joyful experiences.
  4. An evangelistic church that reaches our… so that our world is being impacted for Jesus Christ:
    • A church that is burdened for the spiritually lost;
    • Is obedient to that Lord’s commands;
    • Is competent to present the good news;
    • Is prepared to defend the faith;
    • Is proactive in its strategy;
    • Is loving and sensitive in its approach?
    • Is committed to bringing new believers to a growing obedience to Jesus Christ;
    • Is responsive to the suffering, beginning with those in the body of Christ.